Some situations in which counselling can be useful:

  • when feelings disrupt day to day living, for example sadness, depression, grief, euphoria, anger, apathy
  • when apprehension, anxiety or distress are overwhelming as a result of specific life events, for example redundancy, promotion, changing careers, moving, the beginning or end of relationships, divorce, bereavement, parenting issues
  • when background feeling of anxiety affects dealing with everyday ups and downs.
  • when situations or behaviours are repeated in ways that make you feel uncomfortable, but you can’t stop doing that
  • Sometimes any of these can be accompanied by the assumption that other people take events in their stride, or by a general feeling of inadequacy, when there is a suspicion that life could be more fruitful and fulfilling.  It could be there is no accompanying sense of what you want or how to get it when situations or behaviour are repeated in ways that make you feel uncomfortable.

Short Term Counselling

Short term counselling can provide support in confusing times.  It gives an opportunity to see difficult situations with more clarity.  This allows the individual to explore ways for transition from a muddled present to an appropriate future

Gestalt Counselling

Often we find ourselves saying ‘How have I managed to get myself into this situation again? Haven’t I been here before?

We go on repeating habitual behaviour, sometimes noticing what we are doing, but seldom understanding how we could have any choice. Gestalt Counselling respects the innate wisdom of each individual, and encourages personal responsibility.  With the support of the practitioner, the client explores how he/she interacts with others and with situations, identifying the unsatisfying and unfinished issues.

With recognition and acceptance of responsibility for the patterns, the client is empowered to make appropriate choices.

Although Gestalt counselling often begins with an agreed number of regular sessions, to continue entails ongoing commitment of time and energy.

Couples Counselling

Sometimes a relationship becomes stuck in a repetitive unproductive process and communication breaks down. Couples counselling can help the partners to optimise the best aspects of their relationship and support them to find an appropriate way forward.

Home Counselling

A potential client maybe housebound and unable to visit the counsellor. This could be because of their commitment as a carer, or as a result of an accident or a disability. Although it is generally agreed that a neutral venue is the most conducive to fruitful therapy, if this is not possible, useful support can be given in a client’s home. Christabel has a wide experience of home counselling. There is a charge for travelling, depending on the distance/time.

What happens at the first meeting?

The first meeting is an opportunity to discuss hopes and expectations, benefits and limitations and see whether we can work together.  We may decide to meet again, however there is no obligation to do so.  It is confidential, as are all counselling situations.

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